This Page is a resource of useful info and links for people who want to make a difference in the fight for liberty. In the next section, I provide a list of the names and websites of issue advocacy groups who deserve your support, followed by a list of libertarian political party caucuses. At the bottom of the Page is a list Congressional scorecard sites for you to see how your Congressman voted, as well as legislation tracking sites and activism sites. Visit each link for ways to advance the cause of libertarianism with respect to each listed issue or party.



A. General Libertarianism: Cut Taxes, Deregulate, Privatize

1. The Foundation For Economic Education (FEE) Link

2. Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Link

3. Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) Link

4. The Heritage Foundation's Enterprise & Free Markets Initiative Link

5. Liberty Fund Link

6. The Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF) Link

7. The State Policy Network (SPN) Link

8. Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) Link

B. School Choice

1. The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice Link

2. Alliance for School Choice Link

3. The Heritage Foundation's School Choice in America Link


A. Libertarian Legal Organizations and Policy Think Tanks

1. The Cato Institute Link

2. The Institute for Justice Link

3. The Institute for Humane Studies Link

4. The Mercatus Center Link

5. The Tenth Amendment Center Link

6. The Pacific Research Institute Link

7. The Pacific Legal Foundation Link

8. The Texas Public Policy Foundation Link

9. The Federalist Society Link

10. The Center for Individual Rights (CIR) Link

B. Civil Liberties Groups

1. The Cato Institute's Civil Liberties Research Page Link

2. (a Cato Institute site) Link

3. The Heritage Foundation's Overcriminalization Page Link

4. (a Heritage Foundation site) Link

5. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Link

6. Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) Link

7. Right On Crime Link

8. The Innocence Project Link

9. Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) Link

C. Gun Rights/Second Amendment

1. The National Rifle Association (NRA) Link


A. Antiwar

1. Link

B. Legalization: Drugs

1. National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws (NORML) Link

2. Drug Policy Alliance Link

3. ACLU Criminal Law Reform Project Link

4. Link

5. Open Society Foundations (OSF) Drug Policy Reform Link

C. Legalization: Prostitution

1. The Sex Workers Project (of the Urban Justice Center) Link

2. The Urban Justice Center Sex Workers Page Link

3. Open Society Foundations (OSF) Sexual Health & Rights Link

D. Legalization: Gambling

1. Let Texans Decide Link

E. Immigration Reform

1. The Dream Is Now Link

2. DreamActivist Link

3. Immigration Equality Link

F. Gay Rights

1. Human Rights Campaign Link

2. Lambda Legal Link

G. Abortion Rights/Pro-Choice

1. Planned Parenthood Link

2. NARAL Pro-Choice America Link


A. The Republican Party (GOP)

1. Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) Link

B. The Libertarian Party (LP)

1. The Libertarian Party's National Website Link

C. The Democratic Party

1. Democratic Freedom Caucus Link


A. Tea Party Umbrella Organizations

1. FreedomWorks Link

2. Tea Party Patriots Link


A. Congressional Scorecard Sites

1. Cato's Report on the 112th Congress Link

2. Americans for Prosperity Scorecard Link

3. List of Signers of ATR's Taxpayer Protection Pledge Link

4. Heritage Action Scorecard Link

5. Cato's Report Card on State Governors 2012 Link

6. FreedomWorks Congressional Scorecard Link

7. NRA Grades & Endorsements Link

8. Human Rights Campaign Congressional Marriage Positions Link

B. Legislation Tracking Sites

1. Tenth Amendment Center Legislative Tracking Link

2. NORML Take Action Link

3. Legislative Center Link

C. Activism Pages

1. Heritage Action for America Link

2. FAMM Legislative Action Center Link

3. Drug Policy Alliance Activist Toolkit Link

4. NRA Institute for Legislative Action Link

5. Planned Parenthood Action Center Link